Coronavirus pandemic and how to survive

Coronavirus pandemic and how to survive

How to Survival in the firt days?

Gradually, the power plants begin to drain the remaining charge and solar energy remains the only source. The internet has not been working for some time as the servers have failed.

Let’s move on to practical life, the main concern is to provide drinking water, there are different types of nature, but the problem remains that of making it drinkable to avoid infection, since antibiotics are no longer found. it is possible to disinfect the water by adding small quantities of bleach or chlorine, or by using the sun, to make this possible, just put water in a continent and leave it under the heat of the sun. The sun’s rays, as they are rich in ultraviolet rays, are capable of eliminating a large amount of pathogens.

Good practice is to wash your hands often with soap that can be made at home with animal or vegetable fats and the addition of alkalis.

As for food, man will have to use all the techniques that have been acquired over all these centuries to start agriculture, the only way that could ensure survival and could also make use of maritime resources for the survivors who live near the areas maritime.

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