The Discovery of an Earth-like Planet

The Discovery of an Earth-like Planet

NASA has discovered an earth-like planet that has the same properties and structure as our planet earth. How does this fantastic news sound to you? Well, recent updates and results from space missions have proved this news right. Scientists and astronomers are going crazy about alien life on other planets, but when they end up finding Earth-like planet, it is even more shocking news.

TOI 700 d is the new earth-like planet that is discovered by NASA with the help of TESS. Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite is responsible for the discovery of Earth-like planet. What makes TOI 700 d so unique and vital? Well,

  • Size of TOI 700 d is the same as the size of planet earth
  • TOI 700 d orbits it starts at a specific distance
  • The distant planet can support the existence of water in liquid form

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