Is it possible to Stop airline seats from reclining?

airplane seat recline

While travelling in aircraft, almost all of us had faced the issues of reclining seats. It ends up with many consequences in some cases while you are experiencing the travel. It may be comfortable for you to recline, but for others, it will be a horrible dream to travel, there a question will arise in your mind that is it okay to do airplane seat recline?

Reclining your seat in air travel to some people will be awkward because this action made them thing that the passenger sitting next to them is selfish. All the things he (passenger) is doing were for his comfort, and they admit them as rude behaviour. Recline to some child is okay because the seats of the airplane are too much big for them but doing the same thing to some adult seems terrible to them

Some airlines offer knee defenders for being excused from such hazards, but if you don’t approach them, you will probably think that is there any knee protector airplane devices to avoid such problems?


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