New York, stay home. Healthy or ill, all New Yorkers need to stay at home as long as possible.

New York, stay home. Healthy or ill, all New Yorkers need to stay at home as long as possible

Coronaviruses are a team of viruses that can cause ailments ranging from moderate diseases, such as a chilly, to extra severe diseases, such as pneumonia. Recently, a brand-new coronavirus was spotted that had not been formerly seen in humans. The condition, called COVID-19, can be spread from one person to another.

There is now prevalent community transmission of COVID-19 in New York City, indicating the resources of new infections are unidentified. Every Person in New York City must act as if they have been revealed to COVID-19. That implies checking your wellness carefully and staying at home from job if you are sick. New Yorkers who are not ill ought to likewise stay at home as high as feasible and also avoid all unneeded social communications.

There are no vaccines or details therapies readily available for COVID-19. Nevertheless, medicine and vaccine research is underway.

If you are being bothered due to your race, country of origin or various other identities, call 311 or submit a problem online.

If you are preparing any travel outside the U.S., see CDC’s Travelers’ Wellness webpage for the most up to date travel notifications.
Signs And Symptoms, Persistent Health And Wellness Dangers.
Signs of COVID-19 commonly consist of fever, cough, aching throat or shortness of breath. Lots of people with COVID-19 have mild to modest signs and symptoms as well as completely recuperate without problems. Less typically, COVID-19 may result in pneumonia, a hospital stay or fatality.

People who go to a lot of threat for extreme illness are older grownups or those who have chronic health and wellness conditions, such as.

Lung condition.
Heart problem.
Diabetes mellitus.
A weakened body immune system.


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